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2033-01-01 11:33 pm

This is The Doctor

This is the Doctor. Laura wanted me to tell you that this journal is mostly friends-locked. If it looks like she hasn't posted in awhile, she might be over at insanejournal or just lurking somewhere.
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2016-01-14 09:10 pm
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2014-10-12 11:32 pm

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Want some 12th Doctor/Perkins NOW
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2010-08-08 10:38 pm
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2010-05-13 09:58 pm
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I got shot and found myself in 1983

*begins to investigate Life on Mars fanfic*
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2009-11-23 11:29 pm

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Dumbledore looked at Severus, then at Harry, then back at Severus, then at the unmade bed. His eyes twinkled.
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2009-11-22 10:43 pm

Fic up

*Unaccountably wants to read some Aberforth fic*
*Also has a year 6 snarry plot bunny*
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2009-07-20 09:02 pm

Catching up

So about 2 years after [ profile] snakeling very kindly told me how to fix it so I can migrate all my entries to Insanejournal, I've finally got around to it tonight. It was my first time doing coding since something like 1984 and so my first time using something on my mac called Terminal. When I finally did it right and it started scrolling through, the first thing that appeared was:

'Getting image data for keywords "porno"'

My entries seem to have been made into files on my mac now, but it looks like just 2 very old ones have actually migrated over. No idea what to do now. 

I figured that it must have found my LJ then. It took me a minute to remember that 'porno' is my keyword for the above userpic.

So, last night I went up the Imax and saw HP6